Alloy  Wheel  Refurbishment

Unbeatable, hard wearing, long lasting alloy wheel finishes

Alloy wheel refurbishments and repairs represent the main focus and lifeblood of our business. This is our daily bread and butter – and our specialist subject too! We build our service offerings and customer care around this primary purpose – to take care of your valuable alloys!

Professional Workshop Environment 

You can leave your vehicle with us or bring your wheels separately, whichever is more convenient for you. Either way, you can expect the same efficient and professional process each and every time.

We will remove your tyres if fitted, before chemically stripping the alloys of paint and all other contaminants. Following close examination, any necessary repairs will be carried out by our experienced and skilled alloy wheel technicians before the coating process begins.

Original Colours and High Durability

Our highly durable coating process introduces a bespoke range of alloy wheel colours that allows us to closely replicate the finish of original manufacturer coatings. Our purpose-built alloy wheel oven enables us to facilitate a 3-hour process of primers, colours and lacquers for the ultimate high-quality finish.

The team will expertly refit your tyres complete with new valves and balance your wheels as part of the service. We can also take care of your tyre pressure sensors too! For more detailed information on our processes, see below or give us a call on 01772 315 997.

Our Process

Bring your wheels or leave your car in our secure workshop facility for a drive-in-drive-out service.

1. Removal and Inspection

Tyres are removed (if appropriate) and the wheels are chemically stripped in an alloy friendly paint-stripping tank. All traces of paint, brake dust residue and other contaminants are removed.

2. Damage Correction

The bare alloy wheel is examined – checking for straightness/pothole damage, kerb scuffs and scratches. Repairs are made as required.

3. Examination and Preparation

Prior to the paint coating process, the wheel is lightly etched to provide the perfect surface for applying the powder coating.

4. Primer Coating

Wheels are then loaded into our purpose-built alloy wheel oven for a 3-hour process of primers, colours and lacquers. Once fully cured these coatings provide the highest quality finish with exceptional durability.

5. Quality Control

The final inspection stage ensures the quality of the finish is immaculate, any imperfections are corrected at this stage.

6. Back on Road

Tyres are refitted with new valves and accurately balanced. Refurbished wheels can then be fitted to the car and wheel nuts torqued ready to drive away.

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Diamond Cut Wheels

Stunning machine finished wheel refurbishments

Diamond cut wheels have become more and more popular in recent years. They are usually easily recognisable with bright machined alloy faces and coloured inserts.

Here at Demon Wheels we use the latest CNC lathe technology for the ultimate accuracy required to machine diamond cut wheels. Its a complex process and very precise. It takes a little longer than a standard powder coat refurbishment but the results are simply stunning!

Our diamond cut wheel refurbishment service produces the highest quality finish recreating that factory fresh look. We can customise them too with colour changes and transparent tints to the machined areas. Get in touch for a bespoke quotation!

Wheel Straightening

Specialist wheel straightening machine to repair pothole damage

Wheel straightening can be a relatively quick and simple service – believe us – we’ve been putting the mend on your bends for some years now! It’s more common than you’d think too, as our roads are littered with nasty little hidden potholes which can cause damage to your alloy wheels.

Hitting a kerb can also cause similar problems, making your journey uncomfortable and a little shaky. Let us take a look at it and you’ll be back on the straight and narrow in no time at all! We use the latest dedicated wheel straightening equipment to guarantee great results.

Custom Wheel Finishes

Highly durable customisable finishes

Our Custom Finishes service does exactly as it says on the tin. It’s your alloy wheels – exactly how you want them. With a range of highly durable custom finishes available, you can add your own little personal touch to your vehicle with ease.

Are you looking for a finish that's hot and racy, or something pretty in pink? Whatever it is, we can find a solution to match! The dedicated team here at Demon Wheels are car enthusiasts just like you, so they are always open to new ideas and concepts. Get in touch today and let’s have a chat about what it is you want from our custom alloy wheels service.

Tyre Services

Competitive tyre pricing  - non scratch fitting machines – wheel balancing

Demon Wheels offer competitive tyre pricing to suit every customer budget and requirement – no matter the size of your vehicle and alloys. We make use of non-scratch fitting machines to ensure your alloys are protected at all times throughout the tyre fitting process. For that extra attention to detail we can also use coated and colour coded adhesive balance weights and hold a selection of chrome and nickel bolt in valves.

You want specialist balancing with hidden weights? That’s not a problem either. The point is, whatever your tyres need we can provide, with a level of professional service unrivalled anywhere else in the region!

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Tyre Pressure Sensors

Specialising in replacement TPMS systems and coding at a fraction of dealer costs

Why come to us to replace your Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)? Because when you come to Demon Wheels, you pay a fraction of the cost you’d expect to pay at your dealership. This system is very important for keeping you safe and properly inflated on the busy roads of the UK.

We have the facility to provide tyre pressure sensors specially coded and recognised by your car. We also hold a wide stock of valve stems and service kits that enables us to confidently deal with any TPMS failures. A wheel refurbishment is a great time to renew the seals and maintain the saftey of your valves and sensors as they are often overlooked during routine tyre changes. You will also fail an MOT these days if the sensor is permanently on or broken. Contact us today to get it sorted!

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